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Thursday, May 15, 2008

reader's digest

The best way to be in any relationship is to think of love as a verb, not just a feeling. 

Monday, May 05, 2008


Today I was trying to find something I wrote in my blog a few months ago (which wasn't that hard, cause its been a while since I've written anything) and it made me want to go back and read stuff that I wrote.  So, I got home from Justin's, got in bed, and just started reading.  I only read through like four months and stopped in August 2006, so Im no where close to being done, but it was really interesting.  

A LOT can happen in a pretty short time.  And I forget parts of my life really easily, which I'm sure has some deeper meaning.  Sawah Woche thinks that I have a pot smoker's brain because I forget everything, and I am thinking she is on the right track after reading through my thoughts and realizing that I forgot about a lot of the stuff that happened in the past few years.  

Its really interesting to me how much situations and people change too.  At the beginning of my blog writing days, I lived in Altoona.  Altoona seems like an eternity ago and it was really only like a year and a half.   I didn't have a job in Cincy - I have a great job.  A lot of posts were about being single and dating and marriage and all that, which I had no clue about any of it, and have now learned a ton in dating this great guy and having this really great relationship.  I still have a lot of the same questions about what it really means to love God and glorify him, but I'd like to think that I have matured in some of that as well.  

Im not sure what the point in this post is.  I guess Im just all thrown off because of how life is different, yet parts are the same, and how life can change so quickly, but not at all as well.  

What I do love is that I am still crazy in love with the people that I wrote about in the past, AND I am crazy in love with some pretty incredible newbies as well.  Life is definitely pretty cool in that sense.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Today is the day.  
I have three incredible roommates.  INCREDIBLE.  I had incredible roommates in college as well.  I think I am extremely blessed with the roommate situation.  Living with women can be pretty intense, but I feel like we have had MINIMAL issues of what could have been since living together for a year.  Here's the only problems we've had:
a) The shower.  I suck at waking up, so occasionally (aka every other day) I need to beg liz to take a shower really fast because her getting back from the gym has just awoken me.  Note that my three alarms that were set 45, 30 and 15 minutes earlier did not do anything.  She is gracious, for sure.  
b) The Underwear-eating dog.  Im not going to say much about this, cause you get the picture.  But, I seriously feel like people dont even care that this happens, its more a running joke of where we are at in the count.  Who doesn't have 40 pairs of underwear - you can spare a few
c) Kitchen cleaning/food stealing.  This is SO not an issue, but it is an annoyance, and because we are so low on issues, I feel that I need to address the annoyance.  We all aren't the cleanest people in the world, or the richest, so it comes down to some missing granola bars and some pans with egg stuck in them every once in awhile.  
I saw all this to say that I am SUPER grateful to have these women in my life.  Its hard to live with people who you are actually living with and sharing life with.  It's hard to live in community where people know your stuff, you know theirs and you still love them and allow them to love you.  That can get really messy sometimes - but notice that wasn't one of the "issues."  
So.  Today is the day that we clean every square inch of our house.  I'm ok with this occurring once per year and living in subpar cleanliness the rest of the time.  Because lets face it, living and loving and enjoying three of my favorite people in the world is way more important than dishes in the sink and a dusty house.  

Friday, May 02, 2008

a haiku

pancakes and bacon
original pancake house
oh, how i love thee