i feel like...

Friday, April 18, 2008


Top Ten most incredible things about summer:

10.  No school (this includes no summer school)
9.  No children (love them.  but not right now.)
8.  No lesson plans (or the thought of lesson plans that need to be prepared as you are driving into work)
7.  No grading (can you tell i dont love my job?)
6.  No field trips (can you tell we've had two field trips this week? )
5.  Reading good books (that don't deal with state standards or benchmarks)
4.  Sitting by the pool (doing nothing)
3.  Having every day be the weekend (HOLLA! stop complaining, because you did choose your profession)
2.  Walking around barefoot in the grass and on the patio (hopefully Leah won't have to perform any more foot surgeries to get splinters out)
1.  Liking teaching and children again (im sure this will pass this weekend...lets hope so!)