i feel like...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Is...

tanglewood cottage
sun beach sand ferry boat ride
mackinac island

going over the bridge.  ($6) buys you all the fun in the world

keyhole bar.  not kidding.  literally 30,000 keys or keychains. everywhere. 
($13 bar tab)

"knot home"  sarah's boat name would be "rum runner" my boat name would be "summer is..."
($50,000 for a boat - aka we will never own one)

wind blown on the boat. 
($23 boat ride)

flying fish = summer.  this was our view at dinner at the pink pony.
($20 hamburgers and sweet potato fries)

jana and sarah.
($50 rum runners, extra shots, and souvenir cups)

windemere hotel.  token tourist shot. (where we were going to stay if we missed the ferry)
($260 per night with a view)

i mean, really?
(more money than in the world)

night on mackinac island.  priceless.